1. Question: Whats are the rules regarding anti-afk

    Question: Whats are the rules regarding anti-afk

    I was just curious and may try this if it doesn't go against the rules.

    Is it bannable/punishable to avoid the automatic logout/disconnect when you are away (ex: working, sleeping) to dodge long que timers. Que times are long (up to 4-5 hours) and I usually have to wait till night to play.

    I've thought you could maybe just run in a circle holding a key and you wouldn't log out.

    Anyway does this go against the rules or is it allowed.


    Edit: I found a video on youtube showing a method - Is this allowed and you won't get banned?
    Youtube Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HU-19H1BoTM
    Edited: March 27, 2020

  2. How is that a question, it will get you banned for sure. That's the textbook "bot", doesn't matter that is so unsophisticated.

    Burning electricity every day for hours leaving game on, how is that better than paying 10e one time. I bet you pay +10e every month doing this. Where is the logic?

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