1. Unable to connect

    Every time i try to log onto WoW i get this message : Unable to connect. Please try again later. If this problem persists - try this link *a blizzard link which wasn't helpful*.
    i have no idea what to do

  2. there are connection issue with log-in server.

    Keep trying, at 1 point you can enter

  3. this is bull****...cannot log in either...

  4. for me it just says connecting for several minutes and then the default cannot connect error

    im not running a static ip, I reset my router a couple times to see if that would help and then disabled the email verification.

    will check on it in another hour

  5. It looks like it's a random problem. Me and my girlfriend are hooked up to the same router and she logs in fine - I can't. Same message comes up for me - unable to connect, try later.

    Did my account get "cleaned" by mistake? :D

  6. nah..something is going on with their servers tho..since with all this thing..coronavirus , everyone stays at home and playing games...therefore servers are busy..

  7. I lost a graid because of it. Every day the server keeps DC'ing. I started playing here after years and I donated for the queue, but I doubt it's worth it. This isn't playable...

  8. Same issue here.

    Maybe Warmane should consider uprading / buying new servers and maybe open up a new WotLK realm since this covid-19/corona situation will last for some time.

    Players will be happier and they would be able to make some profit out of it by enlarging the playerbase.

  9. Login is up for me now, tried few times and now I'm in queue

  10. Login is up for me now, tried few times and now I'm in queue
    Yeah I am in queue now aswell, thanks for letting everbody know its working again

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