1. There will be on realm unique honorable kills rank?

  2. Can we expect more details about stuff like the tuning changes etc before the launch?

  3. I feel like Warmane follows the same Philosophy as Cedar Fair when choosing its Winners & Losers.

    Icecrown, Lordaeron, and Blackrock are the "Top Tier" like Cedar Point, Kings Island, Canada's Wonderland, and Carowinds. They get treated the best of all realms because of their high population. The servers got Transmog, CRZ w/ Brackets, a PvP Realm, and a upcoming fourth server.

    Outland and Frostwolf are the "Low Tier" like Valleyfair and Michigan Adventure and get the least attention. People have been suggesting a increase in Rates, Transmog, and a PvP Server to support the Expansion, but have been ignored until recently with nothing changing except the Outland Rates once it was too late.

    This is quite different than Six Flags which spreads the attention and work towards all their parks almost equal regardless of the revenue and population it draws.

    Warmane clearly sees that major investments towards infrastructure will not yield a great return in terms of population on non-wotlk servers. Other Expansions seem to not have much potential relative to wotlk, and it makes since to not put much into them. Generally, it makes since to want to invest into non-wotlk realms to draw a bigger population, however, its rare to see a Realm that desperately needs attention, and better infrastructure will ever get it.

    This results in populated servers getting even better quality gameplay, but also leaves non-wotlk servers in the dust.

  4. Will you reveal the time of the day that the realm is being released? So far it was not mentioned.

  5. Doubt it, to the point of queues at least. You think Warmane can pull 12k people from Lordaeron/Icecrown/new people?
    Lordaeron had queue after release didnt it? Why is frostmourne gonna be diferent?

  6. Does Frostmourne will have leaderboard for achievements points?

  7. Soo great for the new realm, but what is to happen with Icecrown for the next year?

  8. It's great, but I won't start from scratch to level up another 80 without help. Too much trouble. If I can't eventually move one of my 80's from Icecrown to it, it will be of no use to me. Hopefully the players that go after it will leave Icecrown more playable and accessable though.

  9. Hi, devs

    im quite a fan for WOTLK content and plus the community here is decent enough, i have a few questions after reading FAQ

    Since it's a combination of Icecrown and Lordaeron
    A) i feel like x7 it's quite boring and fast and don't get me wrong x1 is too much . You guys have decent development at low level dungeons as well as quest. So
    maybe a x2 or x3 would be nice.
    B) it is possible to "tag" people INSIDE the game that buy items from the warmane store in this new realm? not against the business but as a player and probably as a community we would admire others that accomplish something by actual work into the game.

    Thank you.

  10. so why is naxx and TOC the same length as ulduar and ICC? Just makes no sense to me.

  11. doubt transfer

    Q: So this realm will be online for 1 season and then all characters goes to Icecrown and Frostmourne realm goin off?
    A: Once the one-year-duration season for Frostmourne has concluded, the realm will reset and your characters will be available for transfer off of the realm.

    Will we be able to transfer our characters to Lordaeron when the season ends?

  12. Great news <3
    You're doing very well Warmane, Keep it up!!!


  13. Sounds super exciting !
    Always wanted to relive the progression experience of WotLK, can't wait for this new realm to launch, although I can't say I'm entirely convinced that a shop is really appropriate on a seasonnal realm ;)

    Still very exciting though !

    Thanks Warmane, keep it up !

  14. i feel kebab will be there also on launch

  15. Will we be able to transfer our characters to Lordaeron when the season ends?
    considering Frostmourne is a cash shop enabled realm and Lordaeron isn't, I would think not.

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