1. [H] <D I R T Y> The Premier NA Raiding Guild

    Look alive boys and prepare to get dirty.

    Hello my name is Eaglebloo and I am the Guild Master of D I R T Y. Our guild is made up of a good group of friends who enjoy having fun and joking around with each other. We are an NA based guild so our raid times are adjusted accordingly. We start all raids at 2am Server Time or 10 PM EST/ 7PM PST. We do require that all new applicants understand English and it is preferable that you also can speak English, Discord is a must have to join our guild as well. We use a basic DKP loot system for all our raids and offer many bonus chances to earn extra DKP.

    Before I go over more I would like to say that we all raid to enjoy the game and enjoy each others company (Except those damn Canadians but we raid with them regardless). We do not tolerate elitism or any other types of poor attitudes. If you do not plan to look alive during raids please do not apply.

    Founded in May 2017 it was our goal to become a top tier Warmane raiding guild and we quickly accomplished our goal

    ICC 10 N: 12/12
    ICC 10 Hc: 12/12
    ICC 25 N: 12/12
    ICC 25 Hc: 12/12
    RS 10 N:4/4
    RS 10 Hc: 4/4
    RS 25 N:4/4
    RS 25 Hc: 4/4
    NAXX 10/25: Immortal and Undying
    Uld 10: 14/14 We have done 0 lights Glory runs and Herald of the Titans run (If you've got the gear we will help you out)
    Uld 25: 14/14 We have done 0 lights in the Darkness, All hardmodes and Glory runs. We are currently focusing on finishing all uld 25 achievements
    TOGC 10: 5/5 50 attempts
    TOGC 25: 5/5 50 attempts

    During our time as the Leading North American Guild on Icecrown we held many Timed Boss Kill Records including the fastest 10 man normal LK kill without abusing bugs and an ICC25HC clear from start to finish in under 90 Minutes and clearing 100 LODs


    D I R T Y is always recruiting skilled and intelligent players for our raids. We look for people who are interested in clearing more then just the weekly raids and people who like to do achievement runs as well and guild pvp events
    The following list is classes we are currently in need of

    Death Knight: Closed
    Priest: Closed
    Rogue: Closed
    Hunter: MM Low
    Warlock: Afflic
    Mage: Closed
    Paladin: Closed

    If you are interested in joining our guild please just apply on our website and we will get back to you ASAP http://dirtyguild.shivtr.com/


    Our schedule is always posted on the in-game calendar and is adjusted properly to reflect NA times
    I will first list the Server time raid schedule and will then also add the NA times

    Tuesday 2 am ST: EOE25 | Monday 10 pm EST:EOE25
    Wednesday: Free day| Tuesday :Free Day
    Thursday 2 am ST: Naxx 25 | Wednesday 10 pm EST: Naxx 25
    Friday 2 am ST: OS 25 | Thursday 10 pm EST: OS25
    Saturday 2 am ST: Naxx25 | Friday 10 pm EST: Naxx 25
    Sunday 2 am ST: 10 mans | Satruday 10 pm EST: 10 Mans
    Monday 2 am ST: OS25 | Sunday 10 pm EST: OS25

    D I R T Y

    In conclusion we are very active guild that is looking for people to join our ranks. We like to have a lot of fun during raids and joke around as much as possible. But we never let this interfere with our progression raiding, which can be seen through our multiple accomplishments. If you are looking to enjoy your time on Warmane and are able to raid NA hours I suggest you send in an application and see if you are dirty enough to raid with us.

    Please send any questions in-game to: Eaglebloo//Lindabelcher//Shaos//Gnomechewer
    Or over Discord to : Eaglebloo#0444 // Gnomechewer#6010

    Videos and Pictures

    This is a link to a playlist of all of our HC kills including all of ICC10HC/25 HC and our RS25Hc. Bonus Herald of the titans kill as well.
    Edited: May 14, 2020

  2. return of flagNA bois confirmed

  3. Recruiting for last few dps spots (second rogue, second mage, second hunter, and a couple strong dpsers).

  4. Our Main Roster Has Been Filled and We Are Now Opening Recruitment For our 2nd 25 man Group and 3rd and 4th 10 man groups!

    The following is the classes we are currently recruiting to fill our 2nd man raid group
    Death Knight Blood Tank/Unholy
    Priest High
    Rogue High
    Hunter low
    Shaman Enhance/Resto
    Paladin: Prot/Ret Low
    Warrior High

  5. Looks pretty cool but I got one question - you guys are raiding at 10 PM EST? Wouldn't that be super late for most people?

  6. Looks pretty cool but I got one question - you guys are raiding at 10 PM EST? Wouldn't that be super late for most people?

    While this does sound kind of late, the time is based around encompassing both east and west coast raiders. Its late for one side and early for the other, this is the best solution to making a raid time everyone is available for. The caveat is that we only raid for 2.5 hours so the east coasters don't have to be up too late.

  7. Rad. I'll shoot over an application before EOD. Thanks for the info.

  8. Recruitment is still open for our 2nd and 3rd 25 man groups. Apply on our website or contact us over discord if you are interested.

  9. Damn, these bois' really take it serious. Good luck.

  10. D I R T Y is still recruiting and always will be! Just submit an app on our website and one of our officers will get back to you in no time. Officially 1 week until Launch lets get ready!!!

  11. Still Recruiting ! Apply on our website or contact us over discord!

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