1. Scrolls drop at RBG / Way of winning

    Hello ,

    As we can see the drop rates for scrolls at a RBG is low.
    You can incrase it but in a way to fix this type of PvP is played at bgs.

    So my suggestion is to increase the drop chance by the objectives done.
    eg. flag caps , destroy towers at AV (important) , defend nods (also important) **but don't increase it for kills/hk.**
    in that way you can motivate people focus more at objectives.Not all of them but at least 1/3.

    As i love to play RBG i would like to see people playing competive , with objectives rathen than zerging around
    and doing nothing.
    Of course the HK farmers will remain but at least the can combine the HK farm with objectives as they may need some scrolls to drop.

  2. I'm under impression that you think there's an increased chance to get a scroll depending on your kills/HKs.
    Scrolls drop randomly from winning BGs, it's unaffected by kills and HKs afaik. I doubt a small increase in a chance to drop if you did a lot of capping in BG will make someone want to focus objectives. I also doubt it would be easy to implement such specific conditions. This would also force the people to play BGs "correctly" which would surely cause some backlash.
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  3. hello Thorbjorn and thanks for the reply.

    You don't need to be under impression because i didn't mention that i think there is increased chance on kills/hks.
    I said to increase the chance at all other objectives except kills.

    I don't know if that gonna work but the section here is to make suggestions and of course even on the suggestions that been taken in consideration by warmane,there were some people criticise it.
    Also i don't know if that gonna work.I just want to see PvP be competiive in all ways.Either premades can't do it right.Except a Guild i saw "carpe noctem" if im correct.
    The arenas needs some fixes too.SM isn't meant to be for 20+seasons.Blizzard introduced it just to ruin the arenas (not their because an expansion came,but the private servers) And many private servers fall into that trap.Every expansion is imbalanced before it ends and the reason is that,Blizz ex employer mentioned it.
    In conlusion , blizzlike experience is only blizzard.Private servers need to add custom things/fixes to balance it.
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  4. Warsong Gulch, Warsong Gulch, Warsong Gulch.
    I've gotten 3 different Scrolls of Deception from simply killing the enemy flag carrier and returning said flag to base.
    Do this three or more times in a row or more than any other player and you have a good chance. You can get them even still losing to the Enemy Team if you played the objectives well..
    Stop Playing in the Killbox, Work on strategy to get your Main Objective Complete. Catch the Flag, Or Claim the Land. Good Luck..
    Edited: April 3, 2020

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