1. Bug of Tailoring?

    I already trained Lightweave Embroidery. And Swordguard Embroidery.... But i can't found in my spell book.. i search all the tabs.... there is no more....How can i fix it?



  2. From what I know, it's under item enchantment

  3. Hello!

    That's the problem for me now. And I can't even find the 2 blue pants enchants in the spell book recipes and they are already gray at the trainer because I learned. Was there a solution to your problem? I already wrote a ticket, they read it. that's what my filter settings said. There is nothing wrong with the filters. The problem remains.

    Pic: https://imgur.com/a/uHRb8lD

    Im 2 char Frostmourne: Horde: Faszagyerekk, Alliance: Drbubo

    Please contact me if you know the solution. You can also write a message here.

    Thanks in advance!

  4. write a ticket in-0game or from My>account> support and you will get help

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