1. [A][EU] <Lotus> - Semi-Hardcore

    <Lotus> is a semi-hardcore guild that's recruiting exceptional players for our Ulduar Roster.
    As for the current content, we're looking to push and progress where we still can.

    Guild Master: Saint
    Officers: Jenifer, Torugg, Wilzoo and Xcayla.
    Loot Distribution: Loot Council
    Raid Times: 6PM (server time) on Wednesdays and Sundays. Alt raids on Fridays, same time for those.

    Everyone is welcome to apply no matter what class or spec they're playing, as we value skillful players.
    Though, we're currently in high need of the following:
    - Elemental Shaman
    - Holy Paladin
    - Discipline Priest

    You can apply by filling out our application form:

    Can also get more information by messaging me on discord:
    Edited: June 14, 2020

  2. just lf and additional/extra holy pala for now

  3. Sounds interesting lemme know if you need a Disc priest

  4. Currently not in need of a disc priest for the raid team, but things will always change.
    Bumping this again, with some updates.

  5. Need a Dk tank? The raiding times sound perfect for me because I still work full time. I can roll dps but I'd need to gear up completely

  6. May 1, 2020  

  7. May 5, 2020  
    Hello, I was wondering if you're in need of an Enha shaman!

  8. May 6, 2020  
    We're always looking for good players. Drop in on our discord!

  9. May 10, 2020  

  10. May 18, 2020  

  11. May 22, 2020  
    just another small bump since I updated the post

  12. May 26, 2020  

  13. June 7, 2020  

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