1. [H][PvE][Asia/Oceanic] Ironclad Guild

    Ironclad will be a new semi-hardcore guild on the horde faction after the server reset. We have an experienced group of leaders/officers who are capable of leading every WoTLK content. We are a friendly, and fun group of people who strive to clear content tiers in a relaxed and fun environment. We will be focusing mostly on PvE however we do not shy away from PvP activities either.

    Asia/Oceanic raid times will be around 11:00 GMT.

    Ironclad raids will follow a standard MS>OS>DE Priority for loot. Loots will be distributed using the Loot Council system. Factors ranging from suitability/size of upgrade/attendance will be taken into account when delivering the loot. We will try to deliver the loot fairly and objectively. We do not practice favoritism.

    We require anyone who wants to join to know basic English and also have a basic understanding of their class and the raid contents. Even if you are a beginner but you have a strong determination to learn and follow our directions you are welcome to join. Discord is a must as well but we do not require you to speak.

    Currently, all classes and specs are available to join.

    Interested in joining our guild? Apply @ https://bit.ly/3rrF2vn

    For more info or queries Contact Ironclad#2670 on discord.
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    Edited: April 12, 2021

  2. I am interested add me "Garamasala" druid going for boomy :3 /w me in game when it opens

  3. I am interested also, the name is "Uriel" Shadow Priest, and offspec disco :))

  4. Hi guys. I am looking for pve players to join my guild on frostmourne on the horde side. It will be an English speaking guild raiding around 7 8 am server time. It will be a fun raiding guild but we will also get **** done. Looking for basic English speaking ppl with good knowledge of their classes and mechanics. Discord is a must. Comment your character names for an invite. Thanks...
    Hamburg , priest

  5. hello my name is jestar in wow.
    i used to play *** before cause of some problems of my family cant be so much active on a game
    now eveything is fine i play 24/7hrs i love to play wow more than anything.
    i am ready to do anything for a guild
    i will come anywhere anytime for raids and others of a guild.
    need axtive players and guild like this thats why its my humble req to accept my req and inv me on guild waiting for ur response.
    thank u lots of things to tell hope if invited tell u there. waiting.........
    jestarr-wow character name

  6. PMed you, check msg and poke me if we can make some deal :)

  7. Message me on Ironclad#2670 on discord please.

    Send a friend request if you cant message.

  8. Ironclad#2670 send me a request on discord.

  9. Message me on Ironclad#2670 on discord please for the guild inv

    Message me on Ironclad#2670 on discord please for the guild inv

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