1. (A) <Nothing is Eternal II> Social/Raiding guild.


    Welp. We are back. ^_^

    After 2 and a half years of break the guild is back.

    We are still with the same goal - of clearing content while having fun.

    We do all sorts of raids. Raids are pretty much every day. We help people get gear.

    All we ask is for a positive mindset and to be friendly and social.

    No gs nor level requirement.

    Raid time - 17:00 Server Time. We use DKP system.

    Whisper Alohapally,Alohawarr,Zephial,Stanllie or just ask one of our members for Stan :)

    Thank you.

  2. Bump.

    We have been pretty active with peak of people in the guild being - 53.

    Today we had our first FULL Guild Gear up run for ICC25 - 10/12 bosses.

    Slowly but surely filling up our ranks and clearing content. ^^

  3. Bump!

    We did a Naxx25 for the lower guildies. Cleared the whole raid quite quickly.

    A lot of people got gear and can skip the FoS/PoS farm :P

    Still open and will always be open for recruitment.

    Gear don't matter, level don't matter.

    We only ask you speak English and to bring a positive attitude ^^

  4. Bump!

    Still recruiting ^^

    More and more people join from the forums which is great!

  5. May 10, 2020  

    Another ICC25 clear. More bosses downed on Heroic. Keeping the social aspect up and running ^^

  6. May 18, 2020  

    We did more bosses on HC this week. (not bad for a social guild :P)

    2 RS's on Sunday. Back to back.

    Guild atmosphere is feeling CRISP.

    Love those bonobos. <3

  7. June 1, 2020  
    Good day,

    Are you guys still recruiting?

    Interested in joining. What time is the best to whisper your officers?

  8. Hiya,

    Despite some difficulties and change in the leading staff, we are back and running ^^

    ICC25 clean run even tho we had a few pugs.

    Clean RS25 also.

    Had LOTS of fun during those. ^^

    Guild is still open for everyone. Gear don't matter, level don't matter, just bring a positive attitude and come to have fun with us. :)

  9. Bumperino.

    2 ICC25's 6/12 HC + LK kills.

    2 RS"s 25 - clean one shot.

    Ulduar will be today. Let's hope for a clean raid with lots of fun. ^^

  10. Yaya Peeeps. Way to go 😍


  11. July 6, 2020  
    Thanks Chaos <3


    2 RS25's. 2 ICC25's. First time in ulduar. Did a few on hard mode, General and Yogg Left. We shall get em on Tuesday!

    NiE Is back on track FULLY.

  12. Bump.

    Ulduar 10 cleared. Most on Hard mode.
    2xRS25 clean.
    2xICC25 clean.
    Gear up run with 5.4k gs went up to LK.
    Good **** ^^

  13. Hiya,

    Another week passed :)

    We had an event which went amazing up until an ALLY "PvP" guild decided to join us and ruin our event. Note taken tho. No more Gurubashi arena events ^^.

    3 RS25's in one day. All one shots even tho we had to pug a few people for the last one.
    3 ICC25's this week. Main run got 8/12HC , Gear up got up until LK and the random raid we did yday also went up until LK with half of it being pugs.

    Always open for recruitment.
    Great job from everyone while keeping the social aspect up and running.
    Time and Patience are key. :)

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