1. Proc alert addon

    Stupid name for a topic, but LF addon seems boring :P

    Anyway, i need help with remembering an addon name i used before...

    I used it mainly for my warlock to track different procs like molten core or decimation...i was able to set it up like an icon(big or small) anywhere on the screen that will popup to show you what proc is active.
    Later on i used it for all sort of things but thats the one i remember the most

  2. You probably mean "Power Auras" / "Weak Auras". Just take the right version for you favorite expansion. :)


  3. power auras, thats it :D

    Thank you very much!!

  4. You can track procs / CDs / present or absent buffs..etc with TellMeWhen as well.

  5. Was thinking about that one also, but i used Powerauras before...just couldnt quite remember the name of the addon.
    I keep track of my buffs with Elkanobuff bar, but procs are harder to keep track on that one as it keeps changing with healing and everything else...

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