1. May 7, 2020  
    We seem to keep straying into "that is a real crappy thing to do, and if you do that stuff your're a bad person" territory, we're not talking about the morals of it, we can all agree that it's a crappy thing to do
    That only seems so to you because the reply wasn't about you, apparently, but to someone else, in their context that didn't involve you, of seeing "negatives" for everyone because he would leave party if he didn't get to roll Need on off-specialization gear.

    Especially if you're just going to threatening me with spreading misinformation as you did, listen I get wanting to back up your fellow staff member, and I'd want to do the same, however I feel the rules state that the OP was in the right I think. This is a forums were we can discuss the ideas, and as long as the forum rules aren't being broken, which I wasn't. That kinda drastic ( some would say heavy handed, and draconian) action, shouldn't happen.

    Thanks for saying this, I see this as you reinforcing my point from earlier.
    You were repeatedly saying that all the regulars who have seen how "ninja" in dungeons has been handled for a long time were were wrong, that you "knew" people wouldn't get banned for it, even after having Staff point out you must have no been paying attention to all the threads about bans for that reason. You seem to be backpedaling some now, but what you were originally saying was that "if the char can equip it, it's not ninja." The only reason nothing has happened is because you stopped.

    As for the last line, I can't say I'm surprised that you see what you want to see.

  2. May 7, 2020  
    Can we atleast agree that there need to be added some more clarification to the current ninja looting rules to avoid more confusion with players?

  3. May 7, 2020  
    First of all i have played all patches of this content and each raid tier.
    Then you should know that Frost DK 2H is not viable choice in 3.3.5

    They bring trauma, which increases bleed damage, which is only provided by Arms War, Feral Druid, and BM Hunter (lol)
    Amazing, thank you for information. What does Frost DK 2h bring to table so we can all agree that he has prio on 2h weapons?

    I'll reiterate that I brought a warrior I knew to be good at arms to fill the gap for not having a feral druid, which (lastly) you seemed to have overlooked because you don't know class buffs for this 12 year old expansion (exemplified by you only comparing arms war to combat rogue).
    That's great and works, but don't push this anecdote any further. I'll find 10 combat rogues and 10 feral druids before I will find 1 PvE Arms warrior.
    I killed LOD few times with 20 people, does that mean it some sort of new meta? lmao

    Obviously I do understand how prot paladins work because I have 2 of them I've tanked LoD on. Those 2 weapons are the best weapons for threat generation on a prot paladin in the game. HC Mithrios (which I have) is obviously better for mitigation, but like most gear for tanking, weapons can be changed situationally.
    Protpally needs threat at a cost of dps not getting their items. Well I gues you are right, with those weapons and dpsers not doing best damage because you took their wepons - you don't have to worry about threat. Every week I'm tanking LOD on my pally, threat is not an issue at any point, so I guess you need a walking stick and that's ok. Probably they didn't mind you getting those weapons just so you would shut it already.
    Edited: May 7, 2020

  4. May 7, 2020  
    Not adding anything significant here, just stating I'm thoroughly impressed that this thread is still ongoing. The original post boils down to "**** situation, sorry better luck next time." Everything after that has been "ninja looting rules need to be revised."

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