1. 3 Weeks Ago  

    BG imbalance

    Has anyone noticed the imbalance between Horde and Alliance in BGs? Allys are generally high geared, hordes sometimes have 20k hp players. Since last week or so there is a certain time of the day when all the donors are online and horde loses bg after bg.
    Im guessing we should thank the human racial for that eh?

  2. 3 Weeks Ago  
    Yes, it started since frostmourne, lower bracket doesn't exsist or its requirements are extremely low to fit only frostmourne. My win ratio dropped from 53% to around 10-25%,

  3. 2 Weeks Ago  
    at 70-79 horde farms honor for 12 hours a day without a single loss with cheater multiboxer and when alliance is winning someone shuts down the server, so yeah

  4. 2 Weeks Ago  
    i lost a few BG, so certainly not all are won by alliance

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    dunno, i did like 6 bg's on my ally blackrock char last three days, went 3-3, sometimes allies are geared but don't play bg they just go for kills and horde easily wins bg at the end

  6. 2 Weeks Ago  
    70-79 bgs are dominated by icecrown horde twinks, horde wins most of the bg's - it's quite hard to win as an ally. Idk about 80's bg's.

    I know it was quite a change by merging bgs and arenas to make it more competitive, why don't we just make characters on 7x and rape the poor noobs from 1x, seems legit.

  7. 2 Weeks Ago  
    Poisonbite has a point.
    There should be at least an option to que in non-crossrealms bgs. It is soo unfair to pvp against chars with purchased High-end gear Like SM... or comparing twinks from 7x (with access to heirlooms and tons of gold) to the twinks or majority of non-twinks from 1x (people who maybe just want to discover the fun of pvp - getting 1 shoot by a laughing maniacal Demi-God twink).

    Gotta love Warmane thou for the other beautiful things!
    P.S. Respectable donor here! (Donation rank: Supporter)

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    horde losing? what? where are you playing? im an Alliance, doing 10 bg per day, for me best day is winning 2 games out of 10, worst day, 0 wins.

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    Maybe Warmane have some stats about any of this, but they havent realease them. Pretty much everything % wise here is how some people "feel" and most likely have have nothing to do with reality.

  12. 6 Days Ago  
    I don't know about Horde, but at least as Alliance, if you feel like you are losing more than half of your BGs (aside from IoC and AV), it is probably your own fault. Chances are you are a dps that hits like wet noodles (well under 1k dps), or you don't know how to use your CCs and utilities to support your team (trash rogues and mages). If the above applies, I recommend you to reroll ret and visit the coin shop. Even if you don't use any abilities to help teammates, at least you do decent damage, and serve as good distraction for the enemy team. And who knows, if you are lucky, some day you might actually git gud and dominate matches.

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