1. May 23, 2020  

    [ANSWERED]Warmane prejudice policy, judgment balance?

    Hello! I've been playing around and even introduced this server to friends. I believe you guys gotta thousand server-wise stuff to care about but, regardless, this does not make it a less important issue rather others. The question is plain simple:

    Why ninjas take 10 day ban, while racists take 1-2day ban, instead of a permaban? Why is there not a hard punishment for such dire behaviour?

    When things like that are reported, they are reported faction-wise. Most of the times people from the same faction report. Dealing with this is quite painful for some.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. May 28, 2020  
    Bans depend on the situation, the case and the severity. If repeated the ban duration is drastically increased.

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