1. May 23, 2020  

    Stucked as Dead


    In borean thundra game frozen and couldnt get normal so I did Alt+F4 but when I relog I saw myself dead. My bodys seems like dead in front of spirit healer. I supposed to be in ghost mode. everywhere is black and white but I cant move. My body lies down on the floor as ghost. So I Cant do anything. My friend also came to res me but he cant see my body. Anybody had the same problem before? I sent a ticket to gm but seems like there are too many ticket for them to answer. I cant do anything just waiting like that.

  2. May 23, 2020  
    From the website go into My Account>Services>Select Realm>Select Character>Set Currency:Free>Character Unstuck

  3. May 23, 2020  
    Yeah man it worked for me. Thank you so much. You saved my time of waiting. I really appriciated.

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