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    Banned for no reason Please read


    So you have deleted my initial post.... without an obvious reason

    I pala protection, with off spec Ret. I also got spareHoly gear in bank.
    I queue RDF and get this party to (Halls of Stone)
    Me (pala prot)
    Healer (paladin 6k+GS)
    Some other people

    Last boss drops this item
    Forge Ember Ilvl 165

    I play by the books. I know that I have retribution offspec and I only have holy gear in bank. Because I don't want to be wrongly accused of NINJA I do the following.
    I ask in party if I can roll for offspec. People agree and I roll

    After around 15 mins that holy paladin 6k+ GS starts accusing me of lying and that I ninja the item.
    I tell the guy "If he needs the item I will gladly trade it with him" also I tell him that I have holy gear in bank.
    The guy becomes adamant and starts judging me. It was around 3AM, I was tired, I actually didn't want to deal with someone in an online game for a low level item.
    Because he started to harass me, I tell him to F off and Ignore him (You can mute me for offensive language. I did do that)

    Today I log in and I am banned 5 days for taking this item


    Please investigate and look at the chat logs. I didn't show any intention to ninja that item.

    I have 1 MO since I am playing on this srvr and I am casually gaming and get banned because a Hardcore 6k GS pala holy thinks I NINJA a stupid BLUE ITEM !!!!
    What does he do with it? sell it to vendor? At least I am using the item.

    IT WAS UNINTENTIONAL< MY goal was not to NINJA that ITEM>
    Please view the other side of story too..... WHY Would I NINJA a blue ITEM when I have 50+ badges to buy a trinket. It was just a spare item that people would sell or disenchant
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    Did the entire group agree?
    If yes > You were wrongfully banned, sucks I know. Whoever reported you may have scrolled past the part of chat where they all agreed and snapped that and reported it (just the rolls at the end, for example).
    If no > You ninja'd the item, sucks I know. One person can stop you from taking it - it is what it is.

    Overall - Wait it out. Sucks but all you can do is make a ban appeal, which won't get seen until your ban is over anyway.

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    Dude but this is ****.

    Like really now. 5 days ban without even trying to find out if it;s true or not.

    pfff Yea wow got itself a SHIFT+DELETE combo.

    I enjoyed playing on this server it was nice. But this is pure stupid.

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    So that's your side of the story, however we don't see the rest, and probably never will.
    I've been telling people to never need gear in RDF, if it's not for their current role and gear. This is bound to happen if somebody gets salty. The default chat window is ridiculously limited into 6 lines or something. Which means it's easy to leave out the chat and only screenshot the rolling. Meaning key evidence is left out, and I doubt you did screenshot them agreeing to it, not that it helps as ban appeals takes more than 5 days on average.

    Maybe the other guy didn't agree, or read chat, and you went ahead and rolled need.

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