1. Fresh 80 dungeon spec.

    Hello. I've got fresh 80 lvl mage, around 3k GS right now. I've read guides and from them i get info that i should be Arcane for PvE, and around T10 i should switch to Fire. My question is, considering 5-5.3K GS is obtainable with vote shop and rhc, should i really be Arcane even when 90% of the dungeon is trash AoE fights? I know Arcane is inferior in terms of AoE, and I wont be raiding before 5k GS for sure. And If I should stay Arcane anyway, is there a more optimized way to do AoE DMG than just spam blizzard? Ty for answers!

  2. Half of weekly raid quests are doable for 4k gs, you can go ToC10 as 4.6+ (depends from how lazy is RL) and so on. And any mage spec can AoE properly (flame strike + blizzard), it's better to be good in solo dmg than AoE.
    Ofc there is this funny mage spec with blast wave + dragon breathe)

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