1. Mage leveling spec?

    So I had a question about the best leveling spec for a 3.3.5 Mage. Everyone seems to say Frost, though some advocated Fire if you could rustle up crit gear. Do you think a Mage with all the Heirloom items for 3.3.5 (Robe, Staff, two relics) has enough crit to make Fire outstrip Frost? Or should I stick with Frost? Thanks in advance!

  2. Even with full heirloom gear frost is better than fire. You don't have enough crit to make fire worth it unless you are a twink.
    Once you get http://wotlk.cavernoftime.com/spell=30451 arcane becomes an option though.

  3. frost easy, safe and fast, but fire more fun. with frost it's just: frostbolt->frostbolt->nova if frostbite not proc->frostbolt->frostbolt or fireblast to finish.
    with fire you have pyro, blast wave, dragon breath, random stun from fireblast, and my favorite - blazing speed.

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  5. arcane spec is pretty decent for leveling. most people think that it is not mana sufficient but after 20 lvl it is more mana efficient than fire and frost.

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