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    Cold Weather flight in Northend...which Level?

    Hi all,
    pls forgive my stupid question...but which level has a player to be to be able flying in Northend?
    Level 80 as long as you don't have a level 80 char on the server or the account?
    I have 2 80s on Icecrown and was playing a Toon on Lordaeron and saw a level 74 player using a flying mount.
    How does this work? I am really confused now. If I remember right you're toon has to be level 77.
    Many thx and kind regards
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    you can buy the book on 1 character and mail it to another, so you can fly in northrend as soon as you get there.

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    thx for your input!
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    learning from trainer: you need lvl 77
    learning from tome of cold weather flying: you need lvl 68
    buying tome of cold weather flying: you need lvl 80

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