1. June 1, 2020  

    Soloq matchmaking is a mess

    I am queing as Healer getting instant invites (so i cannot even requeue before mmr drop or anything to prevent the following) and constantly getting games of like 1500 full relentless teams vs 1900 full wrath teams. Balanced games are extremely rare as the matchmaking priorizes fast invites over balanced games. Please fix this. Maybe add a button to force balanced games even if that means longer wait times for me or something. Right now soloq is a mess and barely enjoyable.

  2. June 3, 2020  
    problem is not 1500 vs 2000. if only 6 players are queing, 3 at 2k and 3 at 1k5 you will only have 1k5 vs 2k.

    It's when you que, you get instant proc, you're at 2.4 and get matched up with 1.4 negative wl/gear ppl^^. whats the point of climbing if you instantly get starting ppl? and i mean, instantly instantly, i'm not staying in q for more than 10s and boom, -20 <3

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