1. Game Stuck on **Connecting** since this morning

    As title says, game has been stuck on connecting since this morning, not sure why as realms are up

  2. Me too, i cant connect since 10m

  3. I have the same issue. And after some moment there is a message "Unable to connect. Please try again later..."

  4. Was just booted out of game and can't connect. Roommate having same issue. We thought it was on ur end, but no other app or device afffected.

  5. Probably just server crashed and it cant reboot itself, just sit tight folks, someone will manualy reboot it eventualy

  6. We are aware and it's being worked on.

  7. Any update on the situation Obnoxious? Currently trying to connect every 10th second (",)

  8. No update. I'll post again if I get any.

  9. I didn't receive any update, but the information has been removed from the News and people are reporting it being back to normal, so I'm closing this thread.

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