1. 4 Weeks Ago  

    SoloQueue Suggestions

    After playing several hundred SoloQueue games over 2 seasons I have a few suggestions to make it a better system.

    1. Either delete DuoQueue as an option or don't punish players that are queuing alone that end up on those teams. I lost 34 rating because of a mage/pally DuoQueue that managed to let the mage die with no Ice Block or HoP against Prot War, Prot Pal, Disc Priest (who didn't ever go for fear on the pala btw).

    2. Remove MMR from SoloQueue and make it entirely based upon rating. This would keep the fresh Blackrock toons out of the midrange brackets. For those that don't know, you start with 1500 MMR so a new BR toon can appear in games around that MMR. More often than not those guys will tank the rating of whoever they queue with because they don't know the character they are playing. However, this would require some way to "store" a SoloQueue team so that if a person decides to delete it and queue again later he will retain his games played and rating. This is so a full bis guy who wants to stomp some newbies can't just delete his team and reset to 0.

    3. Keep MMR, but dramatically reduce the range of MMR gap that can occur in an arena. I've had a couple arenas where the lowest guy is around 1200 MMR and the highest is around 1700 MMR during peak hours. This never occurred on retail unless there were only a couple of teams queuing at a given time. That is not fun for anyone involved. I would not mind ending up with fresh BR toons if it meant that I wouldn't lose 10-20 rating to a 1300 team because the BR guy died in 5 seconds. Before you complain about queue times, yeah they will get longer, but I guarantee the quality of games will improve greatly. As a side note, whenever a game company does something to lower queue times, the quality of matches drops as soon as the patch goes live. See any other MMO PVP game out there (LoL, DOTA, Smite, etc).

    4. Add some sort of MMR balance system. I've been in plenty of games where the MMR setup is basically 1300, 1300, 1500 vs 1500, 1500, 1600. There is no way for team 1 to win unless team 2 is comprised of fresh BR toons with 1-2 wins or they make a huge mistake. A system that can detect the MMR of people queuing and can swap 1 of the 1300s out for one of the other players on the other team would instantly balance the match in terms of MMR.

    That is all I have for now. I really like SoloQueue as a concept but can't stand getting to around 1550 rating then losing 7 or so games in a row because of fresh BR players or low MMR players that simply can't beat a team that is over 200 MMR higher than them.

  2. 2 Weeks Ago  

    i feel with you mate.
    Especialy Nr.1 is smth. i totally agree.
    Or is it an SOLOQUE or dont Call and make it so !

    One more Point that i miss here, is specialy meant for Blackrock toons.
    Please make sure that there is Playtime X before they are allowed to que and destroy others rate. There are to many trolls (i have to call them so) that are to lazy or w/e to test those new created chars at BGs and not go instantly as first action to 3s que - which is rated !!

    Hope there will be soon an better and more fair update for this basicly good idea of 3s que.


  3. 2 Weeks Ago  
    The matchmaking is so bad... I played many games at 2k+ mmr and I get matched with 1700-1800 many times when the que pops nearly instantly. And I agree with doing something with the mmr. Imagine a guy who deletes his soloq team with 2500+ mmr. That char is doomed for the rest of the season since is imposible to get rating again with that mmr. Also this would stop griefers... yes, that guy who didn't use any cd to survive the burst didn't make any mistake, he just wanted to **** you up.

  4. 1 Week Ago  
    Warmane, fix your 3s solo q. The algorithm is ancient, that if there even is an algorithm behind mmr.
    The whole point of SOLO q, is about the lonesome experience. If you allow duo's to q, well what is the point?
    Also 2 ppl on avoid list is a joke. I play on icecrown, and you managed to fck up arena completely by adding blackrock.
    Atleast offer more ppl to avoid than only 2, this is just one big joke. especially a spit in the face of dedicated icecrown players

  5. 1 Week Ago  
    Agree, especially with point nr.1

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