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    So you did 6 days 24/7 posting and he undercut you every time within minutes. You can do it, why can't he?
    Of cause I did not... and you know that. To be more clear, tho: I tried 4-6 times at very different times of the day over 6 days and EVERY time I got undercut by the exact 3 same ppl (all of them not just one) in seconds. Yes, yes I know you gonna come that there is like a 0.001% chance it was all just coincidence they all played at exactly those times I tried.
    + Reducing the items price by 50% so it is worth less than the mats and they keep going as if it was nothing.
    + I check these ppls gear and they have 2k gs mostly greens not even wearing the items they sell like 100 times a day (sign for disposable character)
    +Normal "Hi" whisper no response just twice after many tries and then the person even talks about never sleeping and the other person even said "I only get online to craft 20 min a day" by accident but sadly I did not think of screenshotting back than.

    But as I told you I am the kind of person that gives people the benefit of the doubt but with everything combined I have come to the end of it here...

    Anyway, this is getting nowhere I myself are certain these people are botting and if you are that they are not, that's your right. Yet what I really wanted is drive this conversation towards a direction where ppl can think of solutions or improvements that can be made to reduce how easy it is to bot on this server. I mean don't judge me I would never do it but I did google for the bots that do what I expect these ppl to use and let me tell you I did need to search long or anything...

    So if someone has some ideas to add or something to say about my idea I would love to hear it. If it's just "YoU cAn'T ProOf aNythiG NErD" I would ask to you not do so ;)
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    If they undercut you regardless of price. Run the price really low they buy up the bots supply.

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    If they undercut you regardless of price. Run the price really low they buy up the bots supply.
    Haha, nice idea. I kinda passively did that and it totally changed the market for the item not even being worth to get crafted a few days!

    6 days ago "Giantmaim Legguards" where worth 1200g when I did my test and put it one in for 600g. It kept being sold for around that price quite some time even today 6 days later it is only back to around 800g.

    But yea funny idea might do it but I feel like this will not just hurt the bots but everyone trying to sell leatherworking items :D

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