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    just downloaded client. can't login,please help

    I downloaded the WotLK (old) plus windows client. It downloaded fully and I open it up using Wow.exe. I know i am supposed to use my user and password but when i use my username, it says cannot connect to server. I attempted to use the emaill i used on warmane, it lets me in and sends me to a page that says 0% patching, then it just disconnects me off without downloading any patch. I keep trying to use my username but it wont let me in. I checked the realmlist file and it shows the correct server location for warmane.

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    Follow these steps:
    1) Restart your PC
    2) close your Torrent client and move your WoW folder away from your Torrent's download destination
    3) now right click on WoW folder> Properties> remove "read-only"

    (log in with username)

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    just tried and i cannot uncheck read only... and cannot log in

    solved it!
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