1. Fresh 80 Hunter need help

    Hello all! So i just hit my first lvl 80 recently on Icecrown and need MASSIVE help! I dont know what i need to do now. Can someone please explain what i need/should be doing on my hunter? I know a little about Tabards and getting reputation with certain groups to get gear, atm im doing Agent Crusade, not sure if thats the right one to do or not, but i basically need like a dumbed down step by step process on what i need to be doing! Any help at all will be greatly appreciated!

    P.S: Reason i need a dumbed down version is due to an accident i had serveral years ago which has affected my cognitive thinking. Please be considerate

  2. July 1, 2020  
    Thanks dude appreciate it! Was also curious, i follow Legacy WoW for guides and what not, is that a good site to use?

  3. July 1, 2020  

    just incase you need help knowing gear, talent, gems, enchants and pets, even has BIS ( best in slot) gear

    just remember anything you type into google add 3.3.5 ( that is the wotlk expansion that warmane uses )

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