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    What Profs are in demand right now?

    Looking to make some gold, what are the best profs I can use? Aside from that, what is the current best way to earn gold?

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    Go do your own research, asking on a forum with a small sample size of the population is useless. With the amount of people that play on this server, it shouldn't be hard to figure this out.

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    I'd personally rather combine either mining/herbalism with skinning since you can only track one of the 2.

    I use to go into the cave close to K3 and farm ores and leather in there.
    In addition the spiders gave that nice silk and other random drops.

    Can also go tailoring/enchanting and kill humanoids all day for cloth/boe.
    De all boe.
    Craft bags.
    Put everything on ah.

    There are lots of ways to farm stuff but sometimes it's also luck dependant.

    Daily quests so seem to give decent amount of gold btw :-)

  5. 2 Days Ago  
    JWC and Enchanting will be always in demand as everyone needs gems and enchants

  6. 1 Day Ago  
    transmute alchemy on as much toons as you can. then on one toon jwc. One toon with herbalism + mining for collecting stuff (dont worry about tracking, there are multiple macros/addons which switch tracking each second or so.)
    This way you will collect ores and herbs with one toon. Then prospect those ores and do icy prisms with jwc toons. Then transumte those blue quality gems into purple quality gems (you will get some free from transmute mastery proc) then, send those purple quality gems from transmutes to jwc toon, to make purple quality sockets.. You will down in gold. But you will need like 6+ transmute mastery alchemist, 2+ jwc toons, and one toon with riding 450 with herbalism and mining

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    In most demand is Engineering, so you can put decent defiles with Nitro boosts.

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