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    Problems doing Dps as Ret Paladin

    I am 3.9k retribution paladin playing on the new frostmourne server and I am currently doing an average of 2.5k dps and cannot raise my dps for whatever reason.

    I have tried my best to scour for guides to specifically 3.1 since most guides are talking about high end gear content (ICC).

    I have done my best follow guides as much as i can
    this is the most generic guide there is https://www.gnarlyguides.com/wotlk/g...n-paladin-dps/
    my rotation goes as follows:
    hammer of wrath, judgement, divine storm, crusader strike, exorcism, consecration

    i have the aura mastery talent tree from the previous site
    i have most gears from Nax 10, and some valor rewards
    i have all plate gear except 2 (wrist and waist)
    I have tried to gem for the 7% hit rating and the rest are strength
    I understand that armor penetration is useless

    most ret paladins around my gearscore (and sometimes even less) are doing 4k to 5k dps without heroism and only general raid buffs.
    At times if im lucky i can break 4k, but i fall behind quickly and end up only 3k on dps charts (which sometimes gets me kicked)

    Im really stressed about this since i really honestly do not know what im doing wrong.

    I really love this class and really do not want to switch to another because i simply failed on mastering this class

    My name is Nocten in the armory if anyone need to inspect my gear.

    If anyone can really tell me what im doing wrong im really grateful for any small details that ive missed

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    Start off with comparing the other paladins gear and talents to your own.
    Ask or check their armory for their glyphs.
    Check recount/skada for the difference in damage per spell and the amounts of crits.

    Maybe you have your spell rotation/priority wrong.
    You must be doing something wrong.
    Altho i can't tell you what since you aren't in your ret gear.
    I also haven't played ret in these patches so i can't be of good help there.

    Auramastery spec should be fine.
    Don't use gnarly guides.
    They aren't reliable.

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    Hi, I checked the guide and it seems fine.

    Note about warmane... It's still patch 3.3.5a, just with some content disabled.

    Things that could be wrong:
    Your stats - make sure you are have 26 expertise (with seal of vengeance) and 8% hit.

    Spell ranks - make sure you trained all skills to highest rank and that this highest rank is on your bars (it can sometime bug, replace your abilities manually).

    Playstyle - but your spell priority seems fine.. make sure you can continue auto-attacking all the time. Use your dmg meter to compare not only dps, but also number of casts of abilities and their average dmg. (This will show you if you miss casts or your casts are just weaker,...)

    Latency - this one is out of your control probably though.

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    I can suggest to use wings at a good times to get most out of them. I have noticed some nicely geared people doing way less dps just because they forget/launch wings before downtime, didnt use them with BL, etc. Doesn't stack up all the good stuff, like i will use wings and then potion so i can do more dps longer, don't do that, stack it all up.

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    your spell priority is wrong, exorcism is lowerst prio because it checks spell hit
    also if consecration is able to tick its full duration or close to it deals more damage than divine storm (especially with bad wep, no ds libram and low gear)

    like this: (hammer)> judge > cs > consec > ds > exorcism
    if stuff is gonna be moved do ds over consecration

    expertise is not nearly as important on lower gear levels than crit, you shud have either crit rating or agi+crit rating on every possible slot this early in the patch, but dont gem for it.

    try to put str on all gems and get hit capped with gear and choose crit as your main secondary stat. then you can go for expertise and haste.
    i don't remember where, think it was ej, that i saw a very nice graph showing the increasing returns to hit and expertise as your gears lvl goes up. hit is crazy because it affects spells and caps super easily, so its very desireable, but going early for expertise cap is a big nono. seal of vengeance already gives you 10 flat exp and the valor wrists are pretty great, but never go out of the crit way for expertise

    agility+crit+hit leather (and even some mail items) are great because they give you "double crit", hit rating and ap, altho agility has diminishing returns.
    this part is kinda harder and takes more experience to choose. but i can tell you that this early in the patch is you're not reaching at least 40% crit raid buffed your dmg is gonna be ****

    also, invest every minute of time farming greatness. look up RAWR to help you choose gear, its a very nice third party program thats been around since back in the day and its great (but as everything, take it with a grain of salt)
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