1. 4 Days Ago  

    Game is freezing in raids (not responding)

    Hi there dear Warmane fellows,

    I recently get freezes for 0,5 - 2 minutes, wow client is not responding anymore. The client is grey colored and I get the windows 10 option to close the program (which I don't want).
    I get freezes during Boss / trash fights and right after the fight ends.

    I only use this Addons DBM. And I checked the version twice and I run this addon on another windows 10 computer (by copy the wow folder).

    1.I get freezes in every 10/25 raid and lately in Arathi Battleground as well. It never happens in Vault of Archavon yet (maybe we're done in less as 15 minutes, I don't know ) ? And it never happens in a 5 men dungeon before.

    2. Wow Settings:
    I play world of warcraft always in the lowest settings possible every setting is at minimum except view distance (middle), and that particle stuffs to see flames and aoe effects.

    3. I play it in windowed mode.
    Haven't got any freezes in full screen mode yet but I can't play this game in full screen.

    Do you also get random freezes ? Or do you have any solution to fix this ? Could the windowed mode a reason and when yes how to fix it ?

  2. 4 Days Ago  
    do you really use only 1 addon DBM?
    No one else?

  3. 4 Days Ago  
    WoW crashing and freezing is often solved by few actions:

    1. Ditching WoD models to garbage and downgrade to old models.
    2. Some say Recount* causes frame freezes/lag during combat. |*Something old, Idk if it's still so. Recommendation was to use Recount Lite, or Skada.
    3. WotLK client's 2GB RAM limit. Get yourself Large Address Aware which allows your WoW client to use more than 2GB RAM.

    Sometimes deleting cache is enough; or ticking of Read-Only from WoW folder's properties; moving WoW to other place after downloading.

  4. 3 Days Ago  
    Thanks @OhieMitzen totally forgot about deleting cache.

    @skullatbash I was testing it in icc 25 raid with only DBM otherwise I use some little helper addons like postal (mailbox) auctionator, Atlasloot (to see map and loot dungeons or profession names such as gem names [not using the engl client]) Quartz, soundalerter and 1-2 fun addons which I don't often use.
    Don't have a single one which changes graphics or action bars.

    I have the same addons on another computer except auctionator (which I always deactivate before raids) and palypower on the second.

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