1. 3 Days Ago  

    sons of hodir reputation bugged?


    I reached exalted with sons of Hodir, but now i caa´t speak with none of them, for buying, flying nor taking quests. And my rep is still exalted

  2. 3 Days Ago  
    Fly to the highest peak in Storm peaks, near the big hole in the ground, Speak to "Thorim" at the top, he should have a quest.
    If that dosen't work try kill one of the big NPC's on the frozen lake right outside "sons of hodir" place, He should drop a quest item.

  3. 3 Days Ago  

  4. 3 Days Ago  
    i did the main questline and the quest of the item that those giants drop
    And i managed to buy a shoulder enchant and a weapong, but the next day, they dont speak to me and the dont give me quests, but they are friendly... And my rep still is exalted

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