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    Banned for ninja looting BOE drop ?

    I won roll on BoE item, and people reported me for ninja looting. So we cant even win boe item from dungeon?

  2. 1 Week Ago  
    No you cant NEED on them.
    Here is why
    Not every one can NEED, because of the "Need before Greed" loot system in random dungeons.
    For example, if Plate item drops only people who can WEAR plate will be able to NEED on it, so that way roll will not be fair. Point is that for anything other than "I will equip this item" everyone should have fair chance to get, so if everyone uses GREED/DE that is achieved. What your alt needs, how much gold you need for flying, how hard is it to get dream shards because you are the only enchanter in the world or what is your imaginary "main spec" - all that is irrelevant.

    Roll NEED on items that you will use for spec you Accepted RDF Que with, that are upgrades, Everything else is GREED, unless everyone in party agrees otherwise.
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