1. Changelog - Frostwolf 3rd of August 2020

    A new changelog is available at https://www.warmane.com/changelog containing most of the fixes from the March changelog up until now for Frostwolf. The bugtracker reports are also being updated so if there are any issues with hidden reports that are on the changelog itself please let us know.
    Feedback is much appreciated

  2. I've checked the changelog and it's a good amount of fixes.

    One thing I've noticed which is the bug https://www.warmane.com/bugtracker/report/22611 (A Timeless Tour quest#33161) is not fixed. I've tried doing this quest yesterday and the locations still give incorrect credits to other areas mentioned in this report. Although this quest can be completed.

    What I've found was when I first go to Old Pi'jiu when accepting the quest it does show correctly on the log. However, not entirely sure, but when I get credit for Cavern of the lost spirits, it shows 2/1 and then removed Old Pi'jiu credit.

    Edit: Unless this has changed from yesterday until today. Which I can't confirm.
    Edited: August 3, 2020

  3. Regarding that quest, what was actually fixed was the display of those points of interest on the map in its sub report, the quest itself is still confirmed https://www.warmane.com/bugtracker/report/91478

  4. In the changelog, report fixes for End Time and Halls off Origination, but i canīt im in that dungeums

  5. Not released yet, both are close to release though

  6. Naaaiiiceeee.

    I see fixes for Ragefire Chasm despite being closed. Does this mean we can expect a coming release?

  7. It just means its being worked on, i went through most dungeons to see the status and refreshed reports.
    You can expect content ports from cataclysm soon, it does need to be tested before it goes live though

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