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    Hi all, I'm new playing this server. I had player in other server 1 years ago but it closed but now my summers holidays has started and i want to play in a good server. I hope that you can help me when i need it.

    Gina had been invited to the Bash by several of her male co-workers, and even one of the other secretaries, but had declined all of their invitations. She'd been to a few of the regular Friday afternoon libations, and almost without fail they had ended with some tipsy ***** trying to talk his way into her pants. Not that she had a problem with guys trying to get her in bed, but lately it always seemed to be the wrong guys.
    No, a better use of her time, she decided, was to stake out a claim on one of the couches in the employee break room. Twice, while working late, she'd had occasion to try and nap in an office chair, and knew that they were near impossible to get comfortable in. Not that the couch was much better, but at least she could stretch out.

    As she turned away from the window, a flash of inspiration suddenly came to her. Early last month, Gina had run into David at a birthday party for a mutual friend. It had been the first time they'd seen each other since the engagement that wasn't, but much to their mutual surprise it turned out not to be as awkward as one might have expected. In fact, if nothing else, it proved that the sexual spark between them was still there and they'd wound up back at David's apartment.

    Even as they stripped for bed, Gina hadn't been under any illusion that their coming romp was going to lead to any sort of reconciliation. Still, she was willing to take it for what it was, a chance for a more satisfying orgasm than she was getting from the battery powered toy hidden in her night table. Not only had it not proven up to the job of late, she could only use it after her parents had gone to bed, and then only very quietly -- which sort of defeated the point.

    Stepping over to the desk she'd been working from, Gina dialed David's number from memory. It rang almost a half dozen times and she was about to give up when an unfamiliar voice abruptly replaced the ring tone. To her dismay, it was the voice of another woman.

    "Hello?" the voice, which sounded vaguely familiar. said, the salutation more a question than a greeting.

    "Is David there?" Gina asked hesitantly, foregoing any pleasantries as she hoped she might have simply dialed the number wrong.

    "Sure, hang on a moment," the still unidentified woman said, her voice dimming as she lowered the receiver and said, "David honey, it's for you."

    As a more recognizable voice came on the line, any hope that she had misdialed faded, as did the thought that she might have found more comfortable accommodations for the evening. Their conversation was cordial but brief, and left no doubt that not only was this not a good time to call, but it was highly doubtful that the future would hold a better one. Gina lied and simply said she was just calling to say hi, and wished him luck.

    Holding the phone in her hand, Gina suddenly remembered where she had heard the woman's voice before. It belonged to the new receptionist at Dawson, Davis and De Luca, a bleached blonde who had been sniffing around David almost from the day she was hired.

    Gina had never thought of herself as an intellectual, but Brenda Bailey prided herself on never reading beyond the entertainment or gossip sections, and the next opinion she expressed on anything of import would be her first. She was, therefore, exactly the sort of wife material that Mama De Luca would undoubtedly approve of.

    "I bet she even let him **** her in the *** right out of the gate," Gina snarked as she finally returned the receiver to its cradle.


    Glancing at the clock on the wall, which had been moving agonizingly slowly, Gina saw only five minutes remained in the work day. Given that she'd only fielded two calls in as many hours, she had no expectation that she'd get another in the short time remaining. So, when the phone did ring, she almost jumped out of her seat.

    Answering it on the third ring, Gina was greatly surprised to discover that the caller was Joan Hendricks. As hard as it might have been for someone who didn't know her to believe, the big boobed ***** had the audacity to call and make sure that Gina hadn't snuck out early. Of course, she didn't actually say that, hiding the reason for calling behind a gratuitous thank you for having stayed -- as if Gina had been given a choice.

    Joan's resentment of Gina, the latter believed, stemmed from an incident during the office Christmas party two months before. The party had been held in the restaurant that occupied the top two floors of the building and just about all the employees had gone up there as soon as the work day ended -- Gina included. But then, about two hours later, she remembered that she had left a folder on her desk that was supposed to have been delivered to Mr. North's office. Not wanting to get herself in trouble, Gina had left the party and went back downstairs to deliver it herself.
    Reaching the name partner's office, Gina put the folder on his secretary's desk and was about to leave when she heard a loud sound from the inner office. At first, she didn't know what to make of it, but when she heard it a second time, there was no doubt that it was a man moaning. She was unsure what to do, but fearing that the sixty-two year old executive might be in distress, she opened the door and stepped inside -- only to find that pain was the last thing he was in.
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