1. [H] <Banyo Legends> SEA-based Social/Raiding Guild

    Hey guys we are a fairly new raiding guild in Icecrown (Horde) focused on clearing content without having to sacrifice the fun aspect of the game. We are here to socialize, learn from each other, and at the end of the day down those raid bosses. We are currently recruiting all classes and specs for our raids.

    Raid Schedule: 1PM ST/ 9PM GMT +8
    Friday: ICC25 8/12
    Saturday: ICC25 Main Run
    Sunday: 2x RS 25N
    Monday: ICC 25 Dynamic Run

    Progress: ICC 25 10/12 HC (Lady and LK left)

    Loot System: DKP (BIS>MS>OS)

    Guild Master: Papitoboy
    Officers: Tzuyudelish, Jiaqi, Oppaidaisuki, Tonye

    Check out our discord or DM any of the officers for more details/application:
    #Sana6014 , #raven2000 , Papitoboy#2135
    Edited: August 12, 2020

  2. Finally got to down PP on 25 man HC. Good job everyone!

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