1. random dc's in soloq

    Hi, like it says in the topic im getting a lot of random dc's when playing soloq. This only happens when i play soloq, i have no problems in bg's or smth else. When its about 15 seconds before the arena staarts i just get screen freeze or dc (i can still run around but cant cast and get dc after). Anyone knows that problem or give any advice ? Its super ****ing annoying and for the other people i will just stay in the arena doing nothing while im already dc'ed (saw that on streams).

  2. I'm having the same issue and it's incredibly frustrating, I don't know if my problem is exactly the same as yours but seemingly only while inside the arena starting area, i will randomly disconnect for no apparent reason, I never seem to disconnect outside the starting area, never in dalaran, my actual internet is fine, never any trouble anywhere else.

    I tried disabling avast antivirus, tried closing all other programs, tried using the old wotlk client and the legion model one, nothing seems to help.

    Incredibly defeating when it happens because it causes me to lose so much rating, was 1800 on my DK and then disconnected twice and went straight down to 1750, when i get like 8 rating for a win.

    Hope someone has a solution because it makes climbing completely impossible due to how frequently it occurs.

  3. During the 3v3 hour I lagged out 4/10 games. Last night in soloQ I lagged out 6/19 games. My partners were running in place and we'd come back to being dead. I've had 0 issues in BG's/2v2. It seems like a 3v3 problem. If you guys or anyone else has a fix, please let me know. It's frustrating.

  4. Same issue here, it would be nice if this server had actual GM's helping with tehnical stuff like all the other freaking private servers.

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