1. Market pollution by 1 piece stackers

    Playing on Frostmourne if you check market for ores, copper, tin, etc, youll find a recent development where 2 *****s would SPAM the pages with 1 piece stacks. Its literal pages after pages of 1 piece, which makes selling/buying extremely inconventient and sabotages other sellers.
    Its basically a market warfare, where two shameless spergs are abusing the system that has no cap on ah positions.
    Can you do anything about it?

  2. This was suggested before few times. Solution is using AH addon to filter them out.

  3. Buying infinite dust or iceblade arrows or Frostweave cloth or any cloth for the matter on Icecrown has allways been hell because of these jackasses, get used to it or get an addon, Warmane dosen't have the manpower to deal with these sort of problems made up by players themselves.

  4. Download Auctioneer, you can sort listings by highest to lowest stack

  5. You can bid on those items some 80% of value or whatever you are willing to pay. When they cancel they will lose 5% of amount you bid or you get a bunch of cheap stuff. Did this to one gem spammer, he was losing around 15k each 48 hrs directly, plus whatever losses from his stuff not being on front page. He was holding on more than week before he run out of gold to cancel and I got loads of cheap gems.
    Edited: September 28, 2020

  6. Blizzard implemented a solution for this on retail, its to increase deposit amount on mats, so they actually lose gold if they don't sell the items

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