1. Cross. Realm. Dungeon. Finder.

    DF Should be cross-realm as it was in retail. We already have cross-realm (and faction) bgs. From my understanding

    - Raids and dungeons (including bgs) are hosted on their own server separate from the world server.
    - In patch 3.3 Cross-Realm dungeons were introduced.
    - The technology is largely there Warmane has basically done all the hard work for this to work
    This would greatly increase usage of the dungeon finder and make it MUCH easier to find that pesky tank/healer for RHC and RDFs.

  2. Actually the opposite, there would be even more dps waiting for tanks and healers so your queues will only get longer, this have been suggested many times and declined because of the increasing queue times. Give it a second thought and you'll realise it.

  3. Icecrown is x7, points shot up to 239 and coins shop up to 284, Lordaeron is x1, buffed difficulty with no shop, Frostmourne is x7 with a shop but 2 patches behind Icecrown and it's also buffed difficulty content, how do you imagine combining this would work?
    Also, it wouldn't be any faster than before, you'd just have a larger pool and Lordaeron players would now complain about donated gear even in dungeons. No thanks, listening to them in BGs is more than enough.

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