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    5.6k gs Unholy DK LF Raiding Guild (Djones)

    I'm maining Unholy DK currently 6k GS. I'm playing on Icecrown server and looking for a raiding guild.
    I feel the need of joining a guild to advance my toon further and also looking for some fun social events but mostly raiding. I'm Scandinavian and fluent in English. Have 12/12 exp from retail and 10/12 achiv from Warmane.

    My character's name: Djones
    Server: Icecrown
    LF Raiding Guild that will do ICC and RS and/or achievements for fun
    I know all tacts all the way back from ret

    I'm currently playing Alliance however I can faction change to Horde if your guild is Horde.

    Hope to hear from you via /whisper or IG-mailbox :)
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