1. Cannot connect with my username/pass on logon screen


    Sorry if this topic was already raised, but I was not sure where to look for it.

    I installed Wow (Wotlk expansion old) but I get the following error: Unable to connect. Please try again later.

    The servers do not seem to be under maintenance as far as I checked and I can logon here, so I know my username/pass.

    I can also load any pages and other online games and I've disabled my antivirus as well as I am not using any VPN or corporate computer.

    Could you please advise what could be causing this? Maybe I missed replacing some configuration files or something?

    Thank you in advance.

  2. Follow these steps:
    1) Restart your PC
    2) close your Torrent client and move your WoW folder away from your Torrent's download destination
    3) now right click on WoW folder> Properties> remove "read-only"

  3. Thank you this worked! Have a good one!

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