1. May 10, 2020  

    [A][Drunken Sailors] - Heroic dungeons/Raiding

    Drunken Sailors

    Drunken Sailors is a casual raiding guild that's currently progressing trough Ulduar.

    What We're Looking For :
    - Friendly people : Toxic behavior will not be tolerated.
    - Casual raiding : We do not expect to be world first, we do not expect to down every boss when we first step into the raids. Patience is key, we are here to have fun and to grow as a unit!
    - Attendance : We will have 2(maybe 3) raiding days when we start raiding, we expect you to show up on time and have the time to raid.
    - Have an open mind : You are willing to learn and find new ways to become a better player!

    Tuesday - Naxx 25 - 17:00-21:00 (Server Time)
    Wednesday - Ulduar 25 - 17:00-21:00 (Server Time)
    Sunday - Ulduar 25 -17:00 - 21:00(Server Time).

    We casually progressed trough Naxx 10/25.
    We casually progressed trough Ulduar10/25.
    Now we are progressing Hardmodes in our casual way.
    For Drunken Sailors, its not about having content on farm mode, its about having a laugh on discord and doing the content together!

    Drop in on our discord server
    You can always drop by and see Deadlamas stream on our raiding days :)

    Note:If you cannot get on discord for any reason(its mandatory for raids) : wisp Klempo/Holyshiz/Chuspajz/Rogata /Nocens/Deadlama/Shocky/Jorsh ingame.


    Way hay and up she rises
    Way hay and up she rises
    Way hay and up she rises
    Early in the morning!

    Any class is welcome, as long as you're a chill person! :)
    But we are in high need of :

    Resto druids,
    Elemental shamans
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  2. May 17, 2020  
    Perfect guild for chilled people who want to have fun and learn.
    Raiders are nice and helpful.

  3. Made some edits to the first post, also bump :)

  4. Still running strong and doing Ulduar! :)

  5. We changed some things up, and we are stronger then ever!

  6. do you accept people playing casually?

    I mean, I am not ready yet to attend raids yet (but eventually I will be up for that). For now, I am more like playing casually, only leveling new chars. or working on professions etc. is it ok for the guild or you guys are just looking for the raiders. drop me a message if you see this.

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