1. 4 Days Ago  

    My account got hacked

    Hello, so I just realised I had 2 emails from warmane requesting to change the password and then the email of my account. If someone could help me out I'd really appreciate.


  2. 4 Days Ago  
    did you lost your account or not?
    if no = To be more safe you might change your email's password and enable 2 step auth here: https://www.warmane.com/account > security

    IF yes = send an email to [email protected] for support (with as much details as you can provide)

  3. 3 Days Ago  
    Yes I did lost my account, someone changed the password and the email and I can't get access to it. I already sent 2 email to [email protected] the first was a couple weeks ago and got no answer from both.

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