1. [A] <Toxicology> PvE Raiding Guild (NA)

    <Toxicology> is a new English speaking NA raiding guild recently formed on 9/13/2020. We are currently looking for skilled players of all classes and specs as we aim to clear end-game content in ICC/RS 25. Please be at least roughly 5.8k gearscore.

    In our first 25 man raid on 9/17/2020 - after only 4 days of existence - we cleared ICC 25 9/12 HC. Many in our guild core (leadership and otherwise) have many years of ICC/RS 25 HC experience on Warmane and Retail and are aiming to bring that success to this new guild.

    Current Progression:
    ICC 10 - 12/12 HC (https://www.twitch.tv/videos/747534199)
    ICC 25 - 12/12 HC (Heroic Lich King defeated: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/764944842)
    RS 10 - 4/4 HC
    RS 25 - 4/4 HC (Heroic Halion defeated: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/880633161)

    Currently Recruiting:
    All experienced and quality players

    Raid Schedule:
    Thursday 9PM EST / Friday 2AM ST (ICC25)
    Sunday 9PM EST / Monday 2AM ST (ICC25)
    Monday 9PM EST / Tuesday 2AM ST (ICC25 alt run)
    Tuesday 9PM EST / Wednesday 2AM ST (RS25)


    DKP (Free for All, NO MS > OS)

    Discord - NO EXCEPTIONS
    Deadly Boss Mods (or other equivalent bossmods addon)
    Omen Threat Meter
    PallyPower (Paladins only)

    If interested please send an in-game whisper to:
    Guild Leadership
    - Selaya: Catherine, Cath, Cathqt, Alexandrina, Jaina, Kathleen
    - Slaymode: Razorfist, Dunkaroos
    - Vhi: Vhi, Dopper, Rokudo, Gn
    - Balurn: Balurn, Coridan, Serill, Divinos
    - Lustboy: Lustboy, Luminated, Tansei, Janelle
    - Funky: Funkymusic, Deathshead, Funkysmom
    - Chuggs: Trackr, Fatchuggs, Chuggsqt, Shardbearer
    Edited: 3 Days Ago

  2. Lady Deathwhisper down, officially ICC 12/12 HC

  3. 2nd lod. One shot!. We're currently LF players to fill the second run and progressing RS 25h :)

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