1. [Release] Legion Druid Artifact Forms

    Hey guys!
    I really wanted to play with the Legion Artifact Druid Forms so I spent some hours and made a patch for it. Now that it finally works, I have decided to share it with everyone :)
    Credit to Finsternis who made the original patch-F (2019 updated version) to which I have added the Legion Forms from another patch (sorry, I don't know who made it). I DID NOT PORT THE MODELS. I only compiled the models into patch-F and made the patch-Z that enables them on a 3.3.5a client and messed around with the DisplayInfo database until I was able to fix some missing armor issues.

    My Patch-Z cannot be used on its own! You need to have the updated Patch-F (2020 legion forms version which I compiled), which is also uploaded on the same link below. I have also uploaded Finsternis' Patch-G, which is supposedly a compatibility fix that goes along with his Patch-F just in case.


    About the druid forms:
    It turns out that the only way to do this without serverside edits was to replace the already existing WotLK druid forms with the Legion ones. The WotLK druid forms are based on your Hair Colour for Night Elf and Skin Colour for Tauren. When you change your character colour, the form tint changes too. However, there are only 5 tints available per race per form. So that means a total of 5 NE cat variations and 5 NE bear variations and same for Tauren. It was hard choosing which ones to add and my choice is aligned with what I personally desired. Now that I know how it works it would be easy to make edits if necessary so feel free to hit me up. For NE I have chosen Purple, Blue and Green variations and for Tauren I have chosen Red, Blue and Green variations. Also - I did want to match hair colour to form tint but there were many technical limitations so I had to give that idea up and mix them up and prioritize variety and harmony (as close cat and bear form colors as possible).

  2. Hey man, i really like those, is there any way to get the tauren skin 4-6 bear form (red artifact bear form) on a night elf?
    i pretty much only want the red artifact bear form, idc about the others really

  3. Isnt this bannable?
    it's a skin mod giving purely visual changes, as such it can't give you access to get anywhere you normally couldn't (e.g. it isn't removing any "walls", it's just changing how druid forms look)

    now regarding this patch: Talbuk mounts appear as little blue and white cubes, there's a ton of other mounts and mobs added to this, and I've been trying to clean this up into "only druid forms" for two days now (being noob at it doesn't help)

  4. I downloaded it and it works great it just has the one bug where the Talbuk mount and the rider become a small blue and white checkered square. can you release a new version in the future for us with more reskins plus fixes? thanks i love this patch!
    Edited: January 24, 2021

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