1. Blackrock T10 Priest missing

    Hi guys, first of all, after a bit of research i'm not 100% sure this post is in the right section. I'm hesitating between the blackrock page and this one. So if i'm in the wrong one, forgive me.

    That being said, T10 277 Sanctified Crimson Acolyte Robe, the holy priest 277 chest is missing from the "Endgame Gear" NPC.

    Endgame Gear NPC> S8 PvE Set

    Im hoping im in the right section and someone will look into it. Thanks in advance and have a good day!

  2. Thanks for moving my post to the righgt location!

    Anyone has an idea on how to make thread more visible or even have a confirmation from gamemasters?


  3. I need this too, any chance it can be added?

  4. Any chance you guys add holy/disc priest chest t10 277 to the Endgame Gear npc?

  5. IS there any chance a GM, a forum moderator or even a developper sees this post?
    It's been nearly a month now... what should i do? if i post in the suggestions page, my post gets moved here, and here nobody cares...
    Should i do a INGAME TICKET? Even if its specified ingame tickets are not for this use?
    Or maybe tryhard and wisp any gm/forum moderator with a private message?

    Hoping anyone can help me! thanks ;)

  6. http://forum.warmane.com/showthread....=1#post3015507
    We will be taking care of it, alongside any other oversights in the vendor. If there's any other items you noticed, please PM me here on the forums.
    According that old post you may send a PM to him to report missing items on Blackrock realm.

  7. Thanks a lot Skullatbash! I'm hoping you'll get rewarded for the time you spend on the forum helping out people from all realms!
    I'll give it a try, and wish you a very pleasant day!

  8. what do you need?

    To talk with a GM you need to open a ticket in-game

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