1. Deserter, point loss and unable to climb ladder

    My experience is around 2k3~ but this season is literally a nightmare for me to get some rating. Today I just hit 2055 with my alt, I bought 2x shoulders, 1x2050 Main Hand and I was planned to sit until the next flush so I can buy a 2050 mount.
    I joined a battleground out of boredom, then I had the food on fire so I got kicked out of bg, ok, I understand the deserter. BUT was it necessary to remove me 25 POINTS from my SQ team? I am not kidding.
    Whats even the correlation, are we serious?

    So I calm down, took a deep breath, I started again from 2030, first arena loss, because warrior goes rando mode with recklessness without using 1 single cd. -15 points
    Second arena, I get massacrated by a TSG and the pala doesnt even HoP me. Another -13
    Third arena, the pala thought I was trolling the arena before, and decided to go afk in the game, back to 2001 personal rating. 54 rating loss in 10 minutes.
    And now I have mmr at 1950 like, so no way I can recover from this.

    I tried to put the paladin on dodge list and WOPS "you can't put people on dodge list becase you are over 2k rating!" what is this new, brilliant feature?

    What is this? I am here to play and have fun, not to be punished because I leave a bg or becaue I play at """high""" ratings and I cant dodge trolls.

    Tell me I did something wrong because I refuse to accept this are the new blackrock changes

    (I am a bit rusty, its years I dont play so Im not updated to whats going on)

    Thanks for reading, greetings

  2. so, you have lost Soloq rating by leaving a Battleground? (via afk system)
    Can you link your armory page?
    Edited: October 4, 2020

  3. Its quite possible that he lost soloQ rating becaue of Battleground deserter. I remember few months ago when i was spectating some soloQ via spectator NPC game and decided to leave it I also lost like -20 rating from SQ.

  4. And yes, SoloQ is not very active and playable this season because of that new change where you can't avoid team mates above 2k mmr. I mean srsly warmane, you consider 2k mmr "High" mmr? Every1 can go 2k mmr in solo. You should change it to at least 2.2 personal rating or remove it complitely.

  5. Armory:

    SQ Match that got me to 2055: 6031710 (scroll down, the last before the 2s matches)
    Then I helped a guy on 2s to get 1660 and then I realized I was at 2031 (match 6046517) after joining few bgs
    So I tried to recuperate and well it was a disaster.

    I didnt do a single SQ game because as already said, I was sitting 2055 to get my mount at next flush.
    I noticed this also two days ago when I got DC'ed in the middle of arena, other than -15, I also got -20 for DC. But I didn't joing battlground that time so I may "understand" the punihsment.

    The battleground thing really bothers me...

    Also its not an "Elitist" behaviour where I put on dodge everyone ebcasue I lost the game, the paladin just did nothing, and the arena later he started in preparatiojn by wasting HoP, Divine Shield, sacarifices and stuffm then he proceeedes to jump on mount and do 4k damage in the whole arena (you can replay the arena)
    Edited: October 4, 2020

  6. Yeah I lost more than 300 rating in attempt to recover, I was at 1770 few minutes ago and I disbanded team out of desperation.
    This is only because the BG deserter stole me 25 points, keep this in mind. This is ridicolous. A team completely destroyed.
    It doesnt matter if I was at 2055 or 2600 or 1800, the whole concept is insane, players shouldn't be punished like this.
    Peace, have a great game!
    Edited: October 7, 2020

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