1. [A][EU] <Lotus> - Lotus is rebuilding

    <Lotus> is back and looking for some new, awesome people to join our ranks.

    We're rebuilding our raid team for upcoming content.

    What are our goals?
    - We want to gather a new raid team for 25man content, but will probably start out with some 10man raids in the beginning of Totc.
    - ... Also aiming to progress as far as we possibly can in the current content, with the time we have left.

    What are we looking for?
    - Ranged DPS, both casters and hunters
    - Melee DPS, any class
    - Healers, any class

    What are we expecting of our raiders?
    - Enchanted and Gemmed gear
    - Useful professions for PvE
    - Bring flasks and other consumables, you shouldn't have to teleport and buy them during the raid
    - Patience. If we would wipe, just stay calm and go for another attempt
    - Joining voice chat on Discord during raids
    - Aim to improve your gameplay, ask for help and just try to keep improving

    Raid Times:
    - Sunday + Wednesdays. 18:00/6PM (GMT).

    You can drop in on our new discord server and we'll take it from there.

    Edited: October 5, 2020

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