1. Shoulders 3vs3 5vs5 2vs2


    i have a question or an verry bad bug on Blackrock.

    Is it normaly that some classes buy the S8 Shoulders with
    - 2050 2s Rating for each 1875 Points or 1930 Points
    other classes with
    -2000 3s/5s Rating for each 1875 Points or 1930 Points
    and alsoother classes with
    -2050 2s Rating for 1875 Points and 2000 3s/5s Rating for 1930 Points.

    Classes with only 2050 2s Rating Shoulders: DK, Warrior, Mage
    Classes with only 2000 3s/5s Rating Shoulders: Pala, Hunter, Rouge, Sham, Warlock
    Classes with 2050 2s Rating and 2000 3s/5s Rating: Druid, Priest (wierd prices)

    I play Pala in only 2s and cann't geht the S8 Shoulders.

  2. Ignore the requirement you read on tooltip.
    All class/spec have wrathful shoulder with 2050 from any ladder: 2s, 3s, soloq
    and 2000 from 3vs3 only

    So, at npc there are x2 wrathful shoulder: x1 for 2050 rating and x1 for 2000 3vs3 only
    You need to click on the right one (once you have 2050 rating)

  3. Why are wf shoulders avaiable with 2s and soloq on Blackrock only btw?

    Is there a chance to see that also on Icecrown in the future?

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