1. How to get pvp geared?

    Oh well, the title says it all. Do i just spam bgs for honor, and do my 10 arena matches? Is there something else i should do ? (Im a fresh 80 Shadow Priest 2.4K gs.)
    Thanks in advance,
    Edited: October 11, 2020

  2. You can farm wintergrasp as well. it gives honor (more than bgs) and shards wich you can trade for more honor + pvp enchants or pvp gear.
    one other thing you can do is try get 1k achievements so you can start "vote points" gathering. this way you can get furious pvp wep.

  3. For start, You can buy pvp crafted gear. As I remember, cloth one is extremally cheap. It will give You some health and resilence. Try to get an trinkets and jewelery etc from rdf hc + fos/pos/hor norm+hc. Maybe try an boe 264ilvl, like shoulders cloth - they will be good for start and they are not expensive. That should lead You to ~4k gs. Farm bgs and 10 arenas. Join Wintergrasp battle and do some quests there for honor. As soon as possible, join voa raid, they are easy and You have chance for furious, relentless and even wrathful gear. Tbh near 1 year ago I've made qutie decent paladin in a very short time, so don't listen to people that says its impossible etc.

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