1. A guide to pvp gearing

    Is there a guide anywhere on how to optimally obtain pvp gear?

  2. How to obtain pvp gear 1.0

    -farm wintergrasp
    -1 bg win a day
    -10 arena games each week
    - vote points


  3. Don't forget about the wintergrasp weekly quests. They give around 30k honor for 15-20 minutes of questing.

  4. gem furious with 20 resil, don't suck, find a geared partner

    its not that hard

  5. Depending on your playstyle you got 2 options:

    Farm PvP:
    - Wintergasp weekly quests
    - First Random BG victory
    - 10 Arena games

    Farm PvE:
    Do Random Heroics for EoTs. You will need a total of 3x75 (Chest, Head , Pants - Furious) and 2x50 (Legs, Shoulders - Furious)
    You will still have to farm PvP to get your offset.

    For weapons as everyone above stated, I strongly suggest getting a furious wep. It might be as not good as the end game gear, but its PVP!

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