1. Unable to mount in IronForge

    Hi, I'm sorry not sure where to go with this, I asked a few people already and they don't know.
    I might be doing it wrong? But inside of Iron Forge when I'm not mounted and I try and mount, it dismounts immediately. And I'm not in a house or any space in Iron Forge where you can't mount.

    If I run outside of the city and mount, I am able to run back in just fine. Just as soon as I dismount I can't mount back up again anywhere in IF.

  2. It is a bug caused by WoD/Legion models which affects gnome class mount while in a big city.
    You can delete WoD/Legion models to solve the issue:
    1. Open WoW folder
    2. Open the Data folder.
    3. Delete the patch-w.mpq file.
    4. Delete the patch-x.mpq file
    5. Open the enUS folder.
    6. Delete the patch-enUS-w.mpq file.
    7. Delete the patch-enUS-x.mpq file

  3. Great Thanks for the quick reply :) That did the trick.
    Edited: October 18, 2020

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