1. Server Lag

    Hi, playing on the Lordaeron server for +8 months now, and have noticed the lag has become progressively worst for me.

    I usually sat at ~120 ms, which has crept up to a average of 400 ms now, with periods of 3000+ ms where it is not playable anymore (usually at night)

    Ive also done internet checks on my end of things at the same time i get the 3k+ ms, but is not my internet playing up.

    Im just curious to where the servers are located in the world (I'm in Australia), and if there is anything i am able to do to reduce the problem.

    thanks in advanced

  2. The servers are located in France.

    To reduce your latency: change ISPs, buy a VPN service, etc.

  3. I have the same problem, and it also happens at night, which is the hours when I usually play. Did I find a solution to the problem?
    Edited: October 19, 2020

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