1. Lf Guild?

    Greetings everybody! I just started on this great server (Icecrown) and im basically looking for a Guild.
    First of all ill introduce myself:

    I am from Germany, 27 years old and bringing a ton of experiene and knowledge with me. I have been mythic raiding successfully in MoP, Legion and BfA, as well as playing since Vanilla launched back in the day.
    Im a chill guy with the right attitutde. Fun to hang around with but serious when it comes to raiding.
    I am mainly looking for a guild that takes raiding serious and likes to help out newcomers.
    In return I can offer a reliable raider and a good guildie to hang out with.
    I am flexible in what the guild needs and can(and will) play any class that is in high demand for the guild. I personally prefer Warrior/Rogue/Paladin etc but im flexible to play anything.
    I am free from work for the next months so i will have the time nessecary.

    If this post is posted in the wrong place, I excuse myself in advance.

    Hoping for a friendly but rightminded guild to recruit me :)



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